On-Ramp Program

CrossFit changes lives… Change yours by joining [ocn] CrossFit today!

With our on ramp program or opt-out assessment there is no reason to put off becoming the healthier, stronger you any longer. Stop waiting for the new year, or the next beach season. There is no commitment, just an opportunity to improve. Be proud!

At [ocn] CrossFit we offer a $100 six class course (one hour per class) designed to bring beginner CrossFitters up to speed safely and effectively. In this course you will learn nearly everything there is to know about CrossFit, from the basic exercises and fundamental body positions, to proper pacing and efficient cycling techniques, to nutrition and dietary advice.

In order to join [ocn] CrossFit each athlete must attend at a minimum 4 out of the 6 classes or test out of the course (assessed at the close of their first On-Ramp class.)

The classes themselves follow a very basic template: fundamentals of movement, followed by some movement practice, followed by a quick CrossFit workout. The classes are fun and engaging and at times run in parallel with the general [ocn] population so you will begin enjoying the social aspect that has allowed CrossFit to help so many people in reaching their fitness goals.

The on-ramp course is offered once a month, typically on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To sign up please click here: On-Ramp Sign-up. If these hours will not work for you, or you want more information please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to work out an alternative solution.

After this course you are free to sign up for any of our enrollment options and enjoy the lowest cost CrossFit in Southern NH/Northern Massachusetts.