[ocn] Athlete of the Month – December 2017

December 2017- Silvana “Sil” Morgan
Sil joined OCN in June 2017 but if you watched her workout you could never guess she’s only been doing CrossFit for 6 months. She started CrossFit as a way to try to get in shape after having her 1st baby, Summer, less than a year prior. As a new mom, she was immediately drawn to our Parents’ hour class and rarely misses a class. She quickly learned how to scale her workout while still safely maximizing her efficiency. Sil has significantly improved her technique and skills while also gaining confidence. Now, as she enters her 3rd trimester of her second pregnancy, Sil continues to push herself to her maximum potential and still doesn’t miss a workout. She is hoping that staying active will help her during the remainder of her pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery.


[ocn] Athlete of the Month – November 2017

November 2017 – Sara Polcari

Sara has been a long time member at OCN, starting her on ramp in the spring of 2015. She started her journey with friends as a way to stay active and have fun and this year has started taking everything up a few notches. In the beginning, she would seek guidance on scaling as a whole. Now she seeks specifics like “What percent of my PR clean should I use for this workout?” or “Should this be light and fast or heavy?” She has gained so much confidence that this past summer, she competed in her first OCN Summer games! She keeps to herself for the most part but if you put a challenge in front of her, she will push through it no matter what.




[ocn] Athlete of the Month – October 2017

October 2017 – Joe “Beer Me” Warner

Joe Warner was one of the first athletes to complete OCN’s On Ramp Program in the spring of 2014, was the first member to receive a Spirit of the Games award at our Summer Games in 2016, and was the first, and only, athlete to complete an entire games event in a full Top Gun flight suit. In addition to all these firsts that the veteran member has accomplished, he is also the first person to welcome new members who are in his class, and will give an unforgettable first impression to everyone he meets. Joe has always been known for his A2G squats no matter how heavy they are and his love for bench pressing, boasting very proudly the he can bench nearly as much as he can squat. If you are looking for Joe after a hard workout after an event or even just on a Friday, he’s probably living up to his nickname and is the first one at the fridge grabbing a beer. Congrats to Joe this month, our community would not be the same without him!



[ocn] Athlete of the Month – September 2017

September 2017 – Nate “Oh I can do that” Bohacs


As another recent addition to [ocn], Nate recently completed his on-ramp this past January. Since then he has been adding skill after skill after skill each month. Nate’s MO is to listen and watch how something is done, and then BAM, just like that, he’s got it. “Oh, legless rope climbs, I can do that”. “Oh, bar muscle ups, what are those?”  Then boom, got em. He’s got the strength to do most bodyweight skills, so for him it’s all about fine tuning the technique. Nate works hard and squeezes every minute out of his workout, often joining for a group cool down run or staying late to work on skills. Coming Attractions: Nate has been working hard on his olympic lifts, ensuring he’s got the technique, so look for him to start getting heavy.  In addition, his double unders are pretty close. Once he has the rhythm and timing of the rope he’s going to be unstoppable. Congratulations Nate, keep collecting those skills!


[ocn] Athlete of the Month – August 2017

August 2017 – Dave Tardiff

Dave is a recent addition to [ocn], but you wouldn’t know it. He quickly joined the ranks with top scores for the daily wod. He comes to us with a military background, so it’s no wonder why he is so easy to coach and gives everything he has for every workout. He will often show up early to go for a quick mile jaunt and then stay late to log another mile, or maybe even an extra workout. Maybe it’s all because he’s trying to get in his 20,000 steps for the day. He is also a big fan of throwing on a 20lb weight vest for a little extra spice in his workouts. Recently, Dave got his first bar muscle up, and just this week he got the illusive ring muscle up. He has been seen working hard on those pesky double unders, but we have a sneaky feeling it won’t be long  – edit: he’s got his double unders! Dave, we are excited to see you continue to develop your skills and we can’t wait to see what is next for you. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!


[ocn] Athlete of the Month – July 2017

July 2017 – Jessica Judkins


Known for her sassy, sarcastic ‘tude, tiny hands, spirit walks in Nor’easters, and sushi bazookas, Jes has been around since [ocn] had a paper sign-in sheet, and the gym had only occupied half the current floor space it has now (the other half being tools). Just a year ago, Jes gave birth to her second boy. She did her best to maintain CrossFit throughout her pregnancy, but unfortunately was not able to. This did not stop her from making the best comeback we’ve seen. With the new baby and work schedule, Jes is no longer able to workout in the evenings, but that obstacle hasn’t stopped her. By the way, did we mention her passion for obstacle courses.  The MVP and star of parents hour, Jes has been killing it three mornings a week. Not only has she gotten back to her pre-baby self, she is stronger and better than ever. Any day now we’re thinking she will finally get her first bandless pull up. Well, we guess it’s time for Jess to add her latest credential to her business card, Jessica Judkins, PA-C, PH-MVP-AOTM.