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Our Coaches

Sims is a CrossFit L2 Trainer who has been practicing CrossFit since 2010. He consistently strives to bring out the best in every athlete including himself both inside and outside the gym.

Contact Jon at Jon.Simoneau@ocncrossfit.com



Kaitlyn has been CrossFitting since 2011. She reluctantly began to avoid staying home alone while Jon was working out every night. She has been hooked ever since.

Contact Kaitlyn at Kaitlyn.Simoneau@ocncrossfit.com

Manning’s greatest athletic accomplishment to date is being able to call himself the “winningest athlete in OCN games history”. He tried his first workout at OCN in 2010 and has been hooked ever since.

Contact Manning at Zachary.Manning@ocncrossfit.com

Jocelyn is a CrossFit L1 trainer who has been practicing since 2012. She fell is love with CrossFit by accident when she was looking for a way to cross train during the off season of competitive rowing. Since then she hasn’t gone back to the river.

Contact Jocelyn at Jocelyn.Eno@ocncrossfit.com

Bio coming soon.

Contact Jason at Jason.Holden@ocncrossfit.com

IMG_7640Hai was a regular gym-goer for several years and never wanted to give CrossFit a shot. He was reluctantly dragged into a class by a co-worker one day in July 2016, became instantly hooked, and has been coming back ever since.

Favorite movements: Bar Muscle Ups & Handstand Walks

Weakest movements: Snatches and Ring Muscle ups

Contact Hai at Hai@ocncrossfit.com

19990149_1315804355184239_6274105140509952478_nBio Coming Soon.

Contact Andrew at Andrew.Conrad@ocncrossfit.com

Our Location

[ocn] CrossFit is conveniently located less than 5 minutes off of Route 3 in Hudson, NH. We are open 6:30am-7:30am, 5pm-8pm, and 9am-11am on Saturdays, but don’t hesitate to call during regular work hours as well.

[ocn] CrossFit
4 Homestead Lane
Hudson, NH 03051
(978) 710-9348

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Our Beliefs

The fitness industry is full of advertising; slogan after slogan about getting in ‘shape’ and ‘trimming down’, ‘rock hard abs’ and ‘tight curves’. Their message is simple, superficial, and misdirected. Their methods, naturally, follow suit.

We don’t believe in the ‘get toned for summer’ fitness world. Fitness isn’t a one month boot camp, and if you approach it that way you will never find it. Fitness is a neverending commitment to yourself and your family. Fitness is a commitment to life. It’s a commitment to being capable, athletic, and proud throughout all things and experiences.

We don’t believe in the ‘look great to feel great’ fitness world, either. We think that’s backwards and we believe that primary to all of that is being great. We believe in being great. Not just in fitness, but in all things. Confidence and desire are addictive. Confidence and desire are pervasive.

Our Methods

At ocn Crossfit we read, use, abuse, and question everything. We consume books on strength, speed, speed strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, and agility. We are a ‘CrossFit first’ gym but our methods are not limited to any one program or methodology. Our methods are limited only by what makes us better. If it makes us better, we keep it. If it doesn’t, we drop it.

For more details please drop on by. Really, if you want to know what we do, come do it. The first time is free. If you want to see the science behind the cycling and the weekly programming just ask. We will literally be thrilled to have someone interested in our systems and our whiteboards.


Will this work for you? Absolutely. Greatness comes in all shapes and forms and starts at all levels. No matter where you are currently at the desire is to get better. The best want to get better, beginners want to get better. As long as you have a desire to be better, we can help.

Check out our On-Ramp Program page for more information. Drop-ins are always welcome, though a phone call or an email ahead of time is appreciated (use the form below). We are open 6:30am-7:30am in the morning and 6pm-9pm at night but don’t hesitate to call during regular work hours as well.

Please ask your questions below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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