[ocn] Athlete of the Month- October 2016

October – Dan “Row Hard or Go Home” Grover



Dan has been with [ocn] for what feels like forever but it’s more like three years. A faithful three time-a-week 5pm attendee Dan came to us with a collegiate rowing background and the drive of a competitor. Last summer at the [ocn] games, Dan got a bit excited and sprained his wrist in an epic attempt to get a PR clean. If you want to see the video, he is always willing to show it on repeat, in slow motion, and maybe even in reverse.  This summer his redemption games went smoothly and injury free. When he isn’t recovering from a pulled this or a sore that he is making great progress on his gymnastic skills. Recently he made huge gains on his bar and ring muscle ups! Now able to link both, he is unstoppable. That is, until it comes to double unders, which happen to be his Achilles heel. Dan is loved by many for his teddy bear personality, and feared by some, as he keeps people like his crossfit doppleganger Jason working hard to keep up with his PRs and wod scores. Dan is pretty proud of his Isabel time, which sits pretty at 3:38. But what we all love most about Dan, and what he is most known for, is his role as Director of the now annual [ocn] brewery crawl. Without his can do attitude and his knowledge of the local breweries where would we be? Rumor is that he is putting in countless hours on our upcoming crawl, working hard to top last year’s event. Fingers crossed there is a food stop this year.  Keep up the great work Dan, may you soon find those double unders. Congratulations!