[ocn] Athlete of the Month – August 2016

August- Lindsey “the illest” Viera


Lindsey has been an athlete at [ocn] since March of 2015.  A faithful 7pm attendee she brings a  positive attitude to every workout and is a pleasure to coach. She is always welcoming and helpful to all new members. In high school she was a sniper on the field hockey team, so look out if you are up against her in handball, one of her favorite rest-week WODs. You can always find Lindsey challenging herself, whether that is going prescribed as much as possible or tearing it up in 2015 Open and the 2016 [ocn] Summer Games on team [ocn] Go!.  She is often practicing her skills to increase her abilities, such as her recent success in rope climbs or her dogged persistence with the dreaded double unders. If you get the chance to be partnered with her, rest assured she won’t let you down. She will pull her weight while encouraging you to push hard. Not only is she a great athlete she has great fashion sense. Her famous and often-worn “goat” t-shirt was the inspiration for one of the teams for the 2015 [ocn] Summer Games. Lindsey loves CrossFit so much she made sure that when she started her new job that she still made [ocn] a priority. Congratulations Lindsey!