2016 Games Team ANNOUNCED!

The teams for the 5th Annual OCN Crossfit Summer Games have been assembled. Appoint your captains and let the brainstorming for team names and uniforms begin!
Check-in will be at 8am. The first event briefing will be at 8:45. The first event will begin promptly at 9am with all teams included in one heat.

Team 1
Adam “Addie Paddie” Kryskow
Deepak “B.S.” Vatti
Shelby “Shelbs” Peterson
Ashley “Smell so Good” Diamond
Kyle “Suns Out Guns Out” Moore

Team 2
Andrew “ICan’tSnatch,ILiftLikeAGirl,Losing4to2,andMyGirlfriendIsStrongerThanMe” Conrad
Trey “T-Rex” Peterson
Lainey “Becky” Felsky
Kristin “Fully Sponsored” Evans
Branden “Studkins” Judkins

Team 3

Zach “The Worse Manning” Manning
Sahil “Saucy, Saucy Pants, Hot Sauce, Little Sauce Packet, String Bean, Have You Ever Even Caught A Fish?” Parikh
Katie “Scrotch” Scurrah
Becca “Back Squat” Rivera
“If Peeing your Pants is Cool, Consider Me” Molly Solomon

Team 4
Allen “Cooter” Cote
Jason “Long & Strong” Holden
Tina “Tinamachina” Dinh
Lindsey “No Care Ever” Viera
Hot Toddy “Full Toddle” Peterson

Team 5
Steve “New” Delfosse
Jon “The Janitor” Simoneau
Caroline “Carol” Bonsaint
Joe “Strippin & Kippin” Warner
Ally “I Drink” Doyle

Team 6
Derek “D2” Gordon
Dan “Everybody Loves Dan” Grover
Christina “Cullen” Collins
Adelina “Adamina” Petrea
Matt “Adam’s Little China Girl” Carey

Kham (head judge)

Lord Wellington “Wellie” Kryskow
Jes, Gram, & Mason
Larissa & Miles

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