Friday WOD 8/31/12

Today is the last day of the LBBS cycle. This should make everyone happy considering I think I am partially responsible for some potential overtraining on this last week. Who would’ve though Cindy and some burpees could do so much damage?

We’re going to attempt for a 1RM on LBBS with set 1 but watching Sims try for his today makes me a little nervous for the rest of you. If you have some amateurish gains left in the tank you may see an increase, if not you’ll probably have to wait until some recovery kicks in on the deload week coming up. That said, push the butt back and drive like an animal and no matter what condition you are in you will get out of the hole. Katie hit a 20#+ pr this morning doing just this..

3 Rounds
2 – Inch Worms
15 – Double Unders
10 – Good Mornings
1 – Rope Climb
5 – LBBS @ 50%
[60s rest]
5 – LBBS @ 50%

Set 1
5-3-1-1-1RM LBBS @ 60%, 70%, 85%, 95%, 100%+10/15

Set 2
Sled Relay and others TBA


Thursday WOD 8/30/12

Today is a fun one, I don’t care what anyone says. The first set is the new fast paced hybrid strength/metcon we’ve been experimenting with. I really like the way its shaping out and I have a feeling it’ll be extremely beneficial cardio wise. I could go into some more depth on why I think that and how exactly this will play out but its more enjoyable for me, and maybe all of you, to keep things surprising.

Set 2 is my favorite section here: another fast paced interval gasser. Run fast, drive hard, get bouncy, and then put it all together for heavy power cleans. Take a break and repeat. To note would be that these rest periods won’t be even for all. The faster you go the more rest you get. It is good to be fast.

Chris throwing on the jets to inch out manning in the Games..

At 15:00 you take off to put a few more miles in those soles..

3 Rounds
2 – Back Rolls
2 – Inch Worms
2 – TGUs
2 – HSPU
10 – A2G Pause Pistols

Set 1
4 x 8 Abmat Situps [25s rest]
4 x 5 – 7 Muscle Ups, Transitions, C2B Pullups, or assisted as needed [25s rest]
4 x 40 Double Unders

Set 2
Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes
200m Run
2 – Tire Flips (switch directions)
Hurdle Jumps
2 – Power Cleans @ 225#/95# (0r 80-85% of 1RM)
1200m Run @ 15:00


Wednesday WOD 8/29/12

Not much to today’s workout. It’s a bit different than most days but there’s no strength work and only one set so it’s more or less a pretty light day. We’re going to use the light/recovery aspect of our Wednesdays to once again work some technically proficient running. Too often in CF you find yourself running on hamstrings that are shot after a set of deads or a core that is too gassed to stay tight. This leads to a lot of shuffling and reinforces some pretty terrible technique. Use this run as a chance to focus on your pose technique and build some speed in a nice comfortable pace. Aim for about a minute faster than 5k pace.

Once the technique run is over we’ll hit some horrible timecap work where you are expected to hit a rep number within 1 minute. This is all out and will be horrible. Penalties are immediate. If you get a penalty early on expect to never catch up. In other words… blow your wad. No excuses.

Once the 4 minutes are up you get a nice long extended break(I’m giving way too many rest periods these days) before you go into a 2 minute max effort piece of two combined exercises. Try and get an equal amount of reps done for both exercises. For example I’d start off the burpee/abmat situps by doing maybe 15 burpees then 15 situps, 12 and 12, 10 and 10, and assuming time was getting close to expiring I’d chip away with a small set or two.

Ralphie, future NE Patriot’s running back, finding his happy place..

Once these two ME intervals are completed we’ll go back to reinforcing bad running technique with an 800m for time. Oh yea..

2 Rounds – Tabata
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Pause at Bottom Squats

Set 1
*10 Burpee penalty for exceeding the timecap
1600m Run *Technique Limit*
1min cap – 20 Burpees
1min cap – 25 Pullups
1min cap – 30 Abmat Situps
1min cap – 35 Box Jumps 24″/18″
[3min rest]
2min ME Burpees/Abmat Situps (Equal Reps)
[2min rest]
2min ME Pullups/ Box Jumps (Equal Reps)
[2min rest]
800m Run for time


Tuesday WOD 8/28/12

Haven’t hit a benchmark workout in a while so why not Cindy and why not today? I hate Cindy so I programmed it after deciding to take some time off. I’m kidding, actually it’s been programmed for months, it just so happens I saw it coming and decided to be injured. Anyone who came yesterday during the LBBS and also shows up today are suckers. Good luck PRing on those legs…

3 Rounds – Done unbroken with a 45# bar or pipe
5 – OHS
8 – Sotts Press
10 – Good Mornings
6 – Lunges

These are the heaviest banded deadlifts of the cycle and they will feel this way. My best advice would be to reset your mind and explode through the floor on each and every pull. If you don’t go fast the band will win.

The shoulder press is the final of the cycle so you will be maxing out on it. It’s not a pure max as we are still hitting some training percentages beforehand but it shouldn’t shave too much off your actual max. Work the timing out so you put down your last deadlift, wait a minute or so, and then hammer home the SP 1RM.

Set 1
10 x 2 Banded DL 60% Bar + 20% Band [60s rest]
Should Press should be completed everyother DL set starting after the 1st round
Should Press 5 – 5 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 1RM @ 55%, 65%, 75%, 85%, 95%, 100%+ of 1 RM

Cindy always feels like a pushup workout for me. The pulls are a sidenote, the squats are the breather, and the pushups is where I lose all my time. I don’t know why this is as I have impeccable form.

Tight core. No back bend at all.

Cindy is also a workout that you can improve on by really focusing on budgeting your time. Go in with a plan on when and where to rest. For me I like to think of: pulls right into pushups, a few breaths before squats and I take about 5-10 seconds after squats. Then rinse and repeat.

Set 2
20 Minute AMRAP
5 – Pullups
10 – Pushups
15 – Air Squats


Monday WOD 8/27/12

The first day of the last week of the Low Bar Back Squat/Shoulder Press cycle. It’s been a long road to get here and hats off to you if you’ve made it. I didn’t. The squats were too heavy and I tapped out last Friday and had to do so again today. My knee, groin, and hips have been shattered by the heavy loading and my poor flexibility. This is hopefully the final straw as I’m pledging to take a month off and regain some semblance of mobility in my left hip joint.. Let that be a lesson to us all… Mobility can only be ignored for so long before it starts really hampering your gains.

Today’s workout is the core lower body strength of the week, a 3×3 LBBS with increasing weight.. This is followed by a 2ish minute interval routine that should make you feel light and fast before a crushing buyout of rows, thrusters, double-unders and muscleups.

3 Rounds
2 – Back Rolls
3 – HSPU
4 – Pullups
10 – OHS w/ pipe
5 – LBBS @ 50%
5 – LBBS @ 60%
5 – LBBS @ 70%

Add 10 to 15# each set depending on how I labeled you at the start..

Set 1
3 x 3 LBBS @ 70/80/90% + 10 to 15 lbs
[2min rest] between sets 1 and 2 [4min rest] between sets 2 and 3

Set 2 is light and fast. You aren’t moving anything but your body so you better move it quickly. If you value your shins the hurdles and boxes should force the issue. Crank through 3 rounds of the first few exercises with a 2 minute rest after each round. After that gut through the last breather and call it a day. No pacing anywhere is necessary. The rowing should be brutally fast.. Yank hard and finish each pull. Try not to T-rex arm it with bent legs like manning below. He’s doing it all wrong. To be fair Chris is killing it with bent arms and bent legs as well…

The only thing good about this picture is me… in the background.

Set 2
3 Rounds of the first 6 exercises with 2 min break, then buyout of the subset starting with the row.
200m Run
1 – Depth Jump
1 – Hurdle Jump
1 – Rope Climb
2 – Jump and Touch 24″/16″
10 – Box Jumps 24″
[2min rest]
300m Row
30 – Thrusters 75#45#
30 – Double Unders
10 – Muscle Ups (substitute 20 C2B Pullups and 20 Ring Dips)