Wednesday WOD

Fun Fun Fun. A quick benchmark workout to round out the middle of the week. So much for an easy week before the games. Well, it is comparatively easy to this very similar workout by Brandon Phillips..with 185# Thrusters..

8 – 45/15# Thruster
3 – C2B
6 – 65/35# Thruster
3 – C2B
4 – 95/65# Thruster
3 – C2B
2 – 135/95# Thruster
3 – C2B
Max Effort DUs > 50

Set 1
9 – 6 – 3
135# Thruster
Muscle Up


Event 6 of the [ocn] CrossFit Summer Games Announced!

Well I’m a little late in doing so but here is another event for the 2012 [ocn] CrossFit Summer Games. This is Event 6, the second event to be completed on Sunday afternoon.

Turkish Get Up Ladder – 100 Pts

There will be bars laid out. For the guys these bars will range from at 45# to 105# in ten pound increments, and then continue from there in five pound increments. Girls bars will begin at 15#s and go up by 5’s. Each team member will get 3 attempts or 1 minute at each weight, whichever comes first. The TGU will count as up and down controlled. Only one arm is allowed to contact the bar after the inital setup, IE after it is off the floor and pressed out above you as you lay on your back. Every bar counts, IE, doing 20 pounds more than the next athlete ranks you four spots higher. The more you lift the more points your team receives.

Some decent videos..


Tuesday WOD

Athleticism can be pretty good-looking. Make sure you stick around for the actual race around the 4ish minute mark.

50 – DUs
40 – Air Squats
30 – Situps
20 – Pushups
10 – Pullups

Set 1
10 x 2 Banded DL @ 50% Weight + 30% Band [60s rest]
5 x 5 Incline BP *Done every other DL set

Set 2
7 Minute AMRAP
12 – Pullups
12 – Pistols
12 – HRPU


Monday WOD, Week 1 of the Break

This week is going to be a light one so enjoy it. This, of course, is to prepare for the upcoming 2012 [ocn] CrossFit Summer Games which will be August 4th and 5th! I’d highly recommend participating or at the very least spectating. Also, keep your eyes on the website for the events as they will be posted sporadically this week.

In the meantime watch this guy take some serious time in the hole. He does not quit. The website I pulled the video from posted this link with the quote: “The only other country I can think of with an athlete that fearless is North Korea, whose Pang Kum-Chol (77 kilos) makes every single lift look like a losing tug-of-war with gravity and fate. This guy makes Rocky Balboa look like a quitter.”

2/2 TGU
2 – inch worms
10 – A2G Pause Pistols
10 – Reverse Hypers
3 – Back Rolls

Set 1
5 x 8 (4 each leg) Weighted Step-Ups  approximately 20in HEAVY [60s rest]

Set 2
55# Barbell TGU   10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2
HSPU                      10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2
Pullups                    10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2
32/24 in BJs           10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2



2012 [ocn] CrossFit Games Update!!

Well the [ocn] CrossFit Games are almost here! Check the page for updated information on all the events! We will be posting more information every night around 8:00PM EST.

Event 1 – “The Runs”

The scoring of the first event, and the timing of it, are a bit complex so bear with me here. Luckily, the actual physical work is simple, run.. and then run some more.

400m Run           5pts          [Athletes start together]
2min Rest                              (Upon each athlete’s return they have 2 mins to rest)
600m Run           5pts          [Athletes are staggered by their performance]
3min Rest                              (Upon each athlete’s return they have 3 mins to rest)
800m Run           10pts        [Athletes are staggered by their performance]
4min Rest                              (Upon each athlete’s return they have 4 mins to rest)
1000m Run         10pts        [Athletes are staggered by their performance]
=============25pts Combined======================================================
3min Rest                              (Upon return of LAST ATHLETE everyone has 3 minutes rest)
800m Run           15pts         [Athletes start together]
4min Rest                              (Upon return of FIRST ATHLETE a 4 minute rest period begins)
600m Run           15pts         [Athletes start together]
3min Rest                               (Upon return of FIRST ATHLETE a 3 minute rest period begins)
400m Run           15pts         [Athletes start together]

The first 400m and 600m are worth 5 pts each, the next 800m and 1000m are worth 10 pts each. These first 4 combined are worth 25 pts. The last 3 runs, the 800m, 600m, and 400m are worth 15 pts each.

We’ll announce more of the events as the days go by so keep checking the site!