Friday WOD Skills!!

3 Rounds
10 – HS Shoulder Touch
2  – HSPU
1 – 5 Sec. L-Hang
2 – L-Hang Pullups
4 – “A2G” OHS w/PVC
4 – Sotts Press w/PVC
2 – “A2G” OHS w/PVC
14 – Reverse Hyper

Practice makes perfect! Spend the hour today working on the exercises that make you cringe when you see them on the board.

– Kipping Pullups
– Box Jumps
-Double Unders
-Toes to Bar
– Hand Stands (Pushups and Walks)
– Muscle Ups
You can also use this day to beat any PRs from the board. Choose one or more and hit them hard!


Yeah Buddy!

Yeah Buddy!



Thursday WOD Partner Day!

3 Rounds
8 – Pushups
8 – Lunges
5 – Pullups
12 – Reverse Hypers
Finish with Max Effort of Double Unders – Reach at least 50 reps

Set 1 *PARTNERS* One rests while the other works

1. Double Unders 40 – 30 – 20
Ring Pullups     15 – 12 – 9

2. 2 Pood KBS 15 – 12 – 9
Pistol Squats 20 – 16 – 12

3. Thruster 95#   15 – 12 – 9
Abmat Situps 30 – 20 – 10

4. TBD


Bumping up some PRs!




Wednesday WOD Jump!

3 Rounds
8 – Ring Dips
5 – Knee Jumps
5 – HSPU
10 – Reverse Hypers

Set 1
You have 15 minutes to find your max effort box jump. You can use boxes, tires, plates… whatever you need to.

Set 2
12×2 Banded LBBS Box Squat using 50% of your max effort weight + 20% band tension

Set 3
Overhead Squat (135#)

Kaitlyn hitting good depth on her overhead squats


Tuesday, Week 2 of The Jerk and all things Push

3 Rounds
5 – Ring Dips
5 – Pull Ups
8 –  OHS w/Pipe
8 – Reverse Hyper

Set 1
9 Minute AMRAP
8 – Toes to Bar
1/1 – TGU
4/4 Corkscrew
8 – Alternating KB Row
8 – Slamball Burpee
30 sec. Bridge

Set 2
9 Minute AMRAP
2 – Hurdle Jumps
8 – Ring Dips
2 – Rope Climbs
4 – Med Ball Knee Cleans
10 – Depth Push Ups
1 – Depth Jump
4 – HSPU





1st Annual [ocn] CrossFit Summer Games!

The 1st Annual [ocn] CrossFit Summer Games are finally right around the corner. August 4th and 5th are fast approaching and I thought it would be a good time to give everyone a tad bit more information. I will admit most of the programming is yet to have been finalized as we’ve been slacking a bit. The timing of the events, and the festivities to follow, have recieved more attention… I guess it’s more fun to plan eating and drinking than working hard.. who knew.

Day 1 – Saturday Event 1 will start at 12PM that day. If I were you I’d plan on getting to the gym around 11AM to give you enough time to hang out, warm up, and get used to the idea of doing multiple, horrible, workouts in a day.. then going again the next day. It might take some time to get your head wrapped around that. You may be better off coming earlier. There will be 3(maybe 4) Events on Saturday and we will be hitting it hard until 6PM that night. Bring fuel and water to last. We will have both available but it would be smart to bring your own that you are comfortable with and that are gauranteed to not run out. This is the first annual so we will undoubtedly have some issues with food and beverage supply. It would also be a good idea to bring a little bit of entertainment. Nothing too physical, maybe some reading to do between foam rolling your quads and nervously thinking about the next heat.

Day 2 – Sunday On Sunday we’ll start Event 1 a littler earlier 10AM. This may sound bad but it’s only to allow more time for the afterparty. We’ll have 3 Events on Sunday ending around 4PM. From there on out it will be a feast of epic proportions. If you are attending please bring a dish or two. The more paleo the better but we’ll let diets slide for such a celebration. If you have any games, horseshoes etc. feel free to bring it. Later in the night there will be a bonfire and beer. What more can you ask for. We’ll be giving out more information in the next few weeks once the programming is complete.

Hanging Rings